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Consult your doctor if you believe you should begin any one of the complying with medicines and intend to take them simultaneously with Effexor XR: various other antidepressants, weight-loss products, narcotic painkillers, rest assistances, antipsychotic medications, and tranquilizers.

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Ensure you take Effexor XR for as in length as suggested, yet never ever go beyond the dosage advised - as this is not a way to get better results.

The adhering to light side effects are fairly typical, particularly at first: lightheadedness, sweating, sleep loss, blurred eyesight, vomiting, stress and anxiety, drowsiness, completely dry mouth, weak point, nausea, weight anxiousness, loss, and irregularity.


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Make sure you never ever take this drug throughout maternity and stay away from nursing without speaking to your doctor.